Free Business Ideas: Moving Agency

The moving market is terribly underserved. There are plenty businesses serving the actual packing and carrying of household goods. There are plenty of services that help people find apartments. But the real pain of moving comes from all of the account […]

A Utilitarian Case for Incompetent Traffic Cops

“Speed checked by detection devices” If you’ve driven through Georgia, you’ve probably seen these signs. Fortunately, it turns out that they *don’t* actually mean that the roads have embedded smart detection devices monitoring drivers’ speed, or all of us Atlanta drivers would be in […]

The World is a Theme Park

Who doesn’t love theme parks? Disney’s Magic Kingdom gives us the lands of “yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.” EPCOT takes us around the world. Universal Studios takes us into the movies, from Harry Potter to The Mummy. We’re even more fascinated by fictional theme parks like […]

Radicalism Without Revolution

“Radical” is a scary word, but radicals are (fundamentally) just very consistent people. If they believe in a principle, they believe that it applies to the very root (“radix” – a Latin term) of things. If they believe in non-aggression as a […]

Non-Musical Reasons to Enjoy Music

Most people don’t fall in love with certain kinds of music because of time signatures, good rhythm, or even particularly good melodies. There’s little element of music theory appreciation in most people’s love of music. People love music because it takes memories, associations, feelings […]

Running As Prayer

“And when I run, I feel His pleasure.”  I know it’s not reverent, but I still chuckle when I hear this quote. These words are from Eric Liddell, the Scottish runner and Christian missionary celebrated in the movie Chariots of Fire. I’m […]