Don’t Click the Bell

I have 42 unread LinkedIn notifications now. I had 20+ Facebook notifications the other day, and I have 20+ unread Twitter notifications now.  These platforms badly want me to click on their little bell. You can tell because they keep […]

Re-Wedding Myself to the Sun

I’ve noticed something strange since returning to the country: a noticeable feeling of dis-ease any time I stay in the house on a sunny day. If I haven’t gone out and sweated and done something under the rays of the […]

A Land In Common

I’ve written before about how the South Carolina sea islands’ culture is defined by their environment. If you take a drive down one of the back roads through the tidal creek country, you’ll see people fishing on roadsides. You might […]

Social Salvation vs. Individual Salvation

From one era to another of human history, human energies seem to be dedicated either to social salvation – think “progress” – or individual salvation – think “enlightenment” or “sanctification”. Sometimes this takes religious guises, other times more secular ones. […]

Consider Who You Want To Enrich

Passion, talents, location, timing, status – all of these things dictate our decisions about how we work and how we make our livings. Why do we never seem to consider the downstream effects of our labor surplus? Whether we work […]

The Lives In Our Hands

We are responsible for the present. This is clear. How we act hurts or helps our parents, siblings, neighbors, and fellow humans. We are responsible for the future. This is clear. How we act “echoes in eternity,” and we shape […]

“Avoid Highways”

I hate interstates. Yes, they are fast, but they’re also encrusted with the ugliest buildings and purveyors of junk in American life – billboards, franchised fast food, garish gas stations, clotted shopping malls and strip malls and parking lots. There […]

Learn How To Be In the Minority

If you hold any beliefs or values or traditions more sacred than the spirit of the age (secular state-managed consumerism, more or less), you should be prepared to feel like a minority for the rest of your life. Agrarians, conservatives, […]

Continuity Is Power

Once upon a time, the nation-state and the joint-stock corporation were new and small. The Church, the family, the tribe, the town, the land (kept by farmers), the wilds, and even small businesses (craftsmen) – in short, the things of […]

Defend the Gifts of Your Deep Past

I’ve been thinking today about the value of childhood friends (have written about this before). An author I’m reading has quite rightly said that childhood friends are the only ones that really matter. While I do have dear friends I’ve […]

Think While Doing

I recently listened to a fine episode of the Working Man podcast in which the interview made the good point that the trades are beneficial to help young men stop living so much in their imagination. They’re tactile, and they […]