A Defense of Being Busy

Being busy has a bad rap these days. And to be fair, being occupied with lots of tasks has plenty of faults and pitfalls, from overcommitment to lack of focus. And isn’t it insufferable when everyone tells you how “busy” […]

Network by Working

If you don’t think you have time to network, you’re probably thinking about networking wrong. Most people think to network that they have to set aside extra time on weeknights to go to “networking events” and other dubiously valuable meetups. […]

Ownership vs. Fiefdoms

Ownership can save any project or company. Fiefdoms will kill both. But the difference is often fine and hard to distinguish. Ownership is the ownership of responsibility for a given task or set of tasks.Just like a house will keep better with a […]

Do the Symbolic Days Right

Birthdays and holidays are just days. Most people probably overrate their importance. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be important days. You can use the symbolism of a birthday or a new year or a holy day to give weight […]