How Not To Fight Rotten Ideas

Impressionable young people are picking the worst ideas these days. Go to most college campuses and you’ll find ideologies not far different from socialism on the left and not far different from fascism on the right. This generation is not […]

The Redemption of Gunpowder

Same flares gave light to summer soldiers Hopeless brothers, sons, and friends Lit skulls and sharp wire, countless fields Last sights for shell-shocked, gored young men   Same flares give light to rooftop youth Young men on dunes and dancing piers High paper shells scream in July night Through burning hues come hope, not […]

Starlight on a Small Town

Constellations and cities of stars Shine down on small towns, on ours Shine down on constellations of static men The sparkling worlds above shine on dying stars below   Stars, undimmed by our small shoddy brightness Not light from rundown stations, rundown stores, rundown lives No, […]