Reconcile All Things

Love the very old and the very new Honor the tradition and change it Remember the dead and the not-yet-born Live in skyscrapers and shacks Respect the natural and the manmade Be conservative and liberal and neither   Be gentle and fierce […]

Quintains for City Sunrises and Sunsets

What is a cinquain?  Defeated skyline sags in shadow Shadow hides invader night Streetlamps shoot out stars with lighter bows Lone firefly sentinels hold to their light The defenders await day’s sight   The beaten darkness retreats Proud buildings wake from witched sleep The phoenix city […]

Writers Are Sorcerers

Have you ever wished you could change reality just by uttering a few words? Who hasn’t? We remember every magician or wizard story we’ve ever read. We remember the enduring appeal of stories like Harry Potter, the enduring allure of characters like Gandalf, […]

How Imprecise Language Empowers Nationalists

Nationalism seems to follow predictable cycles. A culture becomes infatuated with its nation-state and that state’s dominance in the world. The nation-state does something really horrible and/or gets humbled. The nation-state’s surrounding culture withdraws approval from the state, and the […]