Snow vs. Bureaucracy

I live in the bright, sunny South, so when the skies dump snow on us, it’s kind a big deal. Children (and adults) build snowmen, cityscapes become more beautiful, and people slow down. But what I love most is snow’s way […]

Coworker Friendships Are Underrated

If you’ve worked in a startup, the coworker connections you’ve made through the years are some of the most valuable assets you’ve collected – probably even more than those stock options you have. And yet, coworker friendships don’t get the respect that […]

Christmas vs. Tyranny

“Since the birth of Jesus, heaven has been invading the time of tyrant kings.” – Brian Zahnd I bet you didn’t realize that Christmas actually just ended on Sunday. You’ve probably heard of the 12 days of Christmas, haven’t you? No? […]

Leaders Don’t Complain

How do we feel when someone complains to us about something? Inspired, motivated, trusting, admiring? Probably not. Most people are less likely to follow our lead after we complain to them. Those of us who have some kind of leadership position find ourselves with more “legitimate” […]