Language As a Form of Travel

Late last year I traveled to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico for the first time. The people were friendly, the rainforest and beaches were beautiful, and the city of San Juan was filled with interesting history and architecture. I […]

The Overlap of History

Not everyone is living in the same decade. This is one of the most fascinating things you learn as you delve more deeply into the present and the past. It’s easy to assume when you read about the 1940s, for […]

Do Intellectuals Make Life Any Better?

There’s a path my life could have taken – could still take – toward the life of an intellectual. I’ve just about always been interested in one or more of the favorite intellectual subjects of philosophy, history, politics, theology, economics, […]

In Praise of Good Old Boys

He drives a truck, makes his own moonshine, and chews tobacco. He’s good with his hands. He’s working on the farm, at the feed store, or at a construction site. He’s got a thick Southern drawl, multiple guns, and dogs. […]

None of Your Business

My generation may have been the last one born in which privacy was the default rather than the exception. Of course, it didn’t take long for that to change. In my younger years I saw the birth of Facebook, Instagram, […]

Panic When the Public Isn’t Panicking

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffett This is fine advice for a financial catastrophe, but it has a corollary in other disasters as well. Case in point: coronavirus. It’s generally not […]