We Need Art To Inspire Us for Normal Days

Why do most of us only turn to inspirational art on exceptional days? There are few human beings who aren’t be lifted up by a beautiful, swelling piece of orchestral music. Even non-religious people can appreciate the poetry of the Hebrew Psalms. And if you meet someone […]

Would Immortality Be a Good Thing?

Is a 500-year lifespan goal likely to happen in our lifetime? Many of the most optimistic techno-futurists think so, with some even musing that we will eventually achieve immortality – the end of involuntary death. Of course, while most people are asking […]

Memories Keep: a Poem About Nostalgia

Memories keep Like my grandfather’s jacket Country music  And movies with my father   Memories keep Like a blade keeps its edge The beaten blows And the crucible flame   Memories keep The bulwark against struggle A past reminder Of […]