Why I Don’t Trust the Popular Kids

This is half tongue-in-cheek. If you were popular in school, I don’t distrust you – entirely. I don’t entirely trust the popular kids. Sure, when you’re in school, the popular kids are shiny and glamorous and interesting. You only want to […]

No One Cares About You, Yellow Lights

Let’s be honest, yellow lights: no one really cares about you. If an alien came to our planet and observed you, he would think your yellow light meant “DRIVE FASTER! CROSS THAT INTERSECTION NOW! SCREW PEDESTRIANS!” You’re like the mom of ten […]

The Riverlord’s Passing

Moss-hung oaks lift ancient heads To greet his passing bier Herons bow their graceful necks And farewell liege-lord dear   No noise of gulls in salty air And otters kneel ashore Marsh grass parts to make the way For gloried, aged riverlord   Their fathers’ fathers […]

Saying Goodbye to the Old Office

Dear old office, You delightful old scamp. I’m going to miss you. Today the BitPay team that’s called you home for more than three years is moving on to (hopefully) greener pastures in Alpharetta. I’ll not forget, you though. As Shakespeare’s King […]