Wake Up Earlier With the Power of Peer Pressure

I’m a night person. Once I have the momentum of a good day behind me, it’s hard to get me to stop until I’m just about ready to pass out.

This has its benefits and its drawbacks. One drawback is that I’ll tend to sleep later than I’d like.

I always appreciate the times I get up early. The day is more beautiful. I feel calmer. I feel like I have a head start on the world. Still, it’s hard to motivate myself to put in the sleeping time and the effort to wake up early enough to enjoy it.

Fortunately, I don’t have to let that stop me. For waking up early (especially on weekends), I find it really helpful to use the power of peer pressure.

I set appointments for the early morning.  Having a coffee meeting or a breakfast meeting set for the early morning creates a nice carrot and stick motivator for an early morning start. If I don’t wake up on time, I’ll create guilt and embarrassment for myself for missing a meeting. If I do wake up on time, I get a double-bonus: the opportunity to spend time with an interesting person over food, plus the head start of waking up early to a new day.

Would it be better if I always self-willed myself into a healthy, consistent, early morning sleep pattern? Of course it would. But I can’t be perfectionist about my motivations if I want to get better. For now, I think I’ll just have to schedule more coffee meetings.

You should try it. Find something you want to do in the early morning when you’re normally under the sheets. Find someone else to do it with. Maybe their accountability check will help you get out of bed and into an earlier, better day.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

James Walpole

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