5 of the Best Little Things About Returning Home

1. Hometown radio stations

This might be the first bit of home you pick up as you drive down the last stretch of interstate before home. The song choices, the DJs, even the ads are all reminders of days spent working and driving to the sounds of 105.5, or 92.5, or what have you.

2. Driving around your hometown

I’m lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the world, so I don’t mind the long drives to get around. I pass over rivers and marshes, under stars, over bridges, past farms, through trees, and down a dirt road. And I get plenty of time to think and reflect on the generations that came before me in the same town, driving down the same roads.

3. Getting lessons from your Dad

I didn’t pay nearly enough attention to my Dad’s man skill lessons when I was growing up. Now, when I return back home, I get the chance to get in a bit more learning time.

4. Recognizing names and faces

When you can see people you know and names you know around your hometown, you get to see how small the world really is. That makes it easier to believe in your own ability to master the world and take your own place within it.

5. Meeting your parents’ childhood friends 

I enjoy meeting my parents’ childhood friends because I get a window back into the youth not only of my parents but also of my grandparents (who were amazing). I love history, and there’s no better or more relevant history than family history. The friends who knew your parents in their younger age can share a lot of good stories to help you envision the past.

Photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash

James Walpole

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