If It Has Rhythm, It’s Dancing

Tonight I stopped by Georgia Tech for their monthly social swing dance, and I picked up a new dancing skill or “phrase” along the way: the breakaway.

Here’s a little sample:

In a breakaway, two dancing partners separate and pretty much just do their own thing – as long as it has rhythm.

Want to clap? Sure. Want to circle each other with funny looks on your faces? Knock yourself out. There’s even something called the shoulder-tap – I don’t know what it is, but even if it literally involved tapping your partner repeatedly on the shoulder, it could be made to the rhythms of Glenn Miller or Frank Sinatra and be just fine.

There’s a life principle here that goes beyond dancing: there are really very few set-in-stone rules for life. But there is a rhythm to follow. All the “moves” in the world won’t work without the rhythm. But if you follow the rhythms of life and reality, you’ll find a great deal of freedom to experiment, play, and look like a dancing god.

Photo by Byron Stumman on Unsplash

James Walpole

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