Free Business Ideas: Tinbrrrrrrr, an App for Snow Day Dating

Cuffing season happened to come early this year for Atlanta. A huge (for our region) snowfall made me acutely aware of a gaping hole in the dating app market: ephemeral snow day relationships.

The city shuts down. Schools let out early. People work from home, or skip work completely. And everyone is  at their most playful and adventurous. What better time to start a relationship that’s doomed to not last, but that’s good enough to inspire great memories you won’t tell your kids about one day?

What am I proposing?

The new dating app Tinbrrrr pairs you with a fellow attractive single for a relationship that lasts just about as long as it takes for the snow to melt. The app creatively borrows (steals) from the popular Tinder model of swipe-to-match, but it matches on sooooo many more criteria than just conventional attractiveness, including:

  • Your snowball manufacturing rate (there’s a war coming, boys) 
  • Your favorite winter/holiday themed movie (ElfHome Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, Die Hard)
  • Your supplies of emergency snow day milk and bread 
  • Whether or not you have snow tires and have survived this snow shit before

Tinbrrrr then takes you and your lucky compatible date on a snow day adventure – one guaranteed to give you a quick initial burst of infatuation that melts away like a winter snow in Atlanta.

Think of it like PokemonGo – a gamified, augmented reality experience, but with the potential of helping you have a relationship with the opposite sex.

How does it work?

The Tinbrrrrr API pulls mentions of snowfall from local weather sites and calculates average snowfall in different neighborhoods around your city. Via Yelp and Google Maps APIs, the app generates a custom adventure map of all the places you can go and things you can do on a snow day in your city.

As you and your date get further into your adventure, the app will take you through all four stages of an ephemeral snow day relationship:

  • Subtly flirtatious snowball fight
  • Subtly flirtatious sledding
  • Subtly flirtatious snowperson construction
  • Subtly flirtatious hot chocolate drinking
  • Completely non-subtle making out

Who is the target user?

The target users are males and females in their 20s who use Tinder but are just a bit quirkier, more adventurous, and more snow-obsessed than average. So, hipsters.

How does this make money?

The Tinbrrrr app automatically generates event maps for the snowday couple to follow as they cycle through the four stages of their snowday relationship. These event maps will feature winter-themed restaurants, cafes, and shops (hot chocolate, especially).

As an initial landgrab strategy, Tinbrrrr business development will provide free listings for local businesses already using popular check-in services like FourSquare. Initial revenues will only be generated through in-app “power up” purchases, which give users access to special adventures and advanced profiles.

As Tinbrrrrrrr gains the millions of immediate users in adoption only rivaled by Pokemon Go, Tinbrrrr will take advantage of its business placements by allowing businesses to bid for preferred placement in user adventure maps.

Our ultimate play will be acquisition by Tinder.

What’s promising about this idea’s implementation?

Look at the success of subscription box clubs targeted toward very particular subcultures or tastes. This trend proves that there is plenty of money to be made in niche markets with timely products. Tinbrrr serves one of those niche markets extremely well.

Tinbr has an extraordinarily tight market focus. It can easily own the ephemeral snow day dating market, because the snow day dating market does not exist yet. The app will have very low overhead costs and excellent potential for viral sharing/earned media on snow days/weeks.

Tinbrrrrrrrrrr could inspire multiple ephemeral dating markets, like holiday-only dating (Holidate – date somebody for exactly the amount of time you’re back home for Thanksgiving).

What will be the challenges of implementation?

Early user tests have shown that 80% of couples get through the first three stages of the app’s user journey. There’s serious churn at the drinking-hot-chocolate-together-phase.

Hot chocolate mustaches are apparently disliked by the female population but stubbornly maintained by male users.

Photo by Inna Lesyk on Unsplash

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