10 Reasons You Still Need To See “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

I finally saw Solo: A Star Wars Story tonight, and what I got was a galloping romp of a space western. I loved it.

Reviewers and journalists are rubbing salt in Solo‘s wounds  for performing poorly at the box office. But if there are fatal faults to Solo, they aren’t in the movie itself.

Here are ten reasons you should still check it out while its in theatres (only mild character and plot details revealed below):

1. Lovable rogues  

If you love loveable rogues, this movie is full of them. You’ll love seeing Han and Lando again, but you’ll also meet a whole cast of sympathetic scoundrels and good-hearted crooks along the way.

2. The score by John Powell.

John Powell (who also wrote the amazing scores for the How To Train Your Dragon movies) composed a beautiful and fitting Star Wars score for Solo. As John Williams retires from composing, the search is on for worthy successors in the Star Wars film music area. Powell really stepped up and did a great job.

3. The Lando Calrissian portrayal

The writers did a great job of imagining a younger Lando, from his expensive taste in capes to his smooth-talking ways down to his soft spot for intelligent robots.

4. L3

Speaking of intelligent robots: Star Wars has always had charismatic, intelligent droids, with K2SO stealing the stage in Rogue One, BB-8 rolling in for the newer movies, and R2-D2 showing everyone else how it’s done. Lando’s droid L3 brings her own sense of humor and peculiar (and lovable ) personality to the table.

5. The complicated female lead 

Emilia Clarke plays Kyra, Han’s love interest. I can’t say much about her without spoiling the plot, but I can say that despite my speculation her story was more complicated than I expected. She is an interesting part of this movie, and Emilia Clarke plays her to the hilt.

6. The surprise reveals and double-crosses

Like any good Western or gangster movie, this film has plenty of good double-crossing, sometimes when you least expect it.

7. The Han Solo backstory

The movie gives some insight into Han’s youth on Corellia, his military experience, and how it influences his dreams and character. I walked away from this movie understanding and empathizing a lot more with Han the smuggler.

8. More aliens 

Every Star Wars movie has the chance to introduce new forms of life to their audience. This one does not drop the ball, introducing us to new kinds of creatures. One favorite was the singing frog-in-a-tank thing – another was definitely the six-armed pilot.

9. Criticism of war and police state/”security” state 

In the early part of the movie on Corellia, we see the Empire’s true nature in its brutal treatment of citizens. The stormtroopers behavior sounds remarkably familiar as we see them yelling “stop resisting” to the people they’re trying to subdue. Shortly after that, we see the stupidity and brutality of war in the Imperial framework.

10. The spirit of the movie

Solo is a serious movie, but it doesn’t take itself nearly as seriously as one of the movies in the main Skywalker saga. It doesn’t have to. It’s a story about a space cowboy, and as a result, it can afford to take chances and be lighthearted. This movie is a blast – go see it!

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