A Running List of Spotify Playlists for Every Occasion

Music is one of the main ways I experience meaning in everyday life. Naturally, I’m the kind of person who likes to have music playing everywhere.

Here are some of the Spotify music streaming playlists I’ll turn to throughout the week:

Housework and Cooking

If you’re cooking up a large breakfast, there’s nothing like a little Irish fiddle music to help set the festive mood.

Partying and Dancing

This top 80s playlist is excellent for getting any party started. Most people will be able to sing along, and 80s music’s inherent cheesiness will get anyone’s guard down. Another plus? It’s danceable.

This playlist of swing and lindy hop music is great for a dinner party, or for the living room dancefloor:

60s and 70s soul music brings people together in joyous celebration like few things. Watch and see if people don’t sing and dance along with you on this one.



Working and Studying

There’s nothing like a good epic film score to set the right atmosphere for getting work done.

If I’m feeling some particular self-confidence and ambition for the workday, I’ll put on Spotify’s aptly-named “Swagger” playlist.

When I really need to put things into high gear, I turn to my rock music playlist:

Driving and Roadtripping

John Williams scores are good for many things, but I’ve gotten a lot of value from his major film scores in my morning and evening commutes. If you are going to have one group of film scores, this should probably be the one.

If you want triumphant scores to set the mood for your driving, look no further than Ramin Djawadi’s work on the Targaryen themes for the HBO show Game of Thrones.

Walking and Reflecting


Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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