Starlight on a Small Town

Constellations and cities of stars

Shine down on small towns, on ours

Shine down on constellations of static men

The sparkling worlds above shine on dying stars below


Stars, undimmed by our small shoddy brightness

Not light from rundown stations, rundown stores, rundown lives

No, we are dimmed by gases a trillion light years away

And we curse the stars for it


Their stories are of fates and gods

We have no such reasons to orbit

We men and women trapped in amber

While waiting on hope like preying flies


They say one day the stars will fall to men

We will not be the ones to take them

Our heart and core burnt out

And we left the world a ghostly light


They say that starlight is the same illusion

For all our hate we dare not believe

For when we reach the stars

We must not find that lingering light shares our deathbed

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James Walpole

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