I’m Beginning to Wonder Whether “Stay Hungry” Is Good Advice for Entrepreneurs

This is a guest post by Over-the-Top Startup Bro, James’s professional alter ego. 

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” – Whole Earth Catalog motto, also Steve Jobs’ Stanford grad address

Like most startup founders who moved out to the Val (Silicon Valley, that is), I used to watch Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement address every morning while I brewed my Bulletproof.

But while most of my compadres are out there implementing Tim Ferriss’s Four-Hour body or “choosing themselves” a la James Altucher, I’ve decided to actually implement Steve Jobs advice.

Staying foolish? It’s hard for someone like me to give up my accumulated life wisdom, but I’m working on it. I just have to forget all of my mystical revelations from that psychonautic trip down to Mexico with my bros.

Staying hungry is where I’m starting to have some doubts.

I haven’t eaten in 16 days.

I’m all in on intermittent fasting, bro, but I just don’t see how staying hungry is going to help me build my startup. I’m starved, I’m irritable, and even my bros are starting to call me out for harshing their vibes. The VCs I was pitching definitely didn’t like it when I tried to take a chunk out of their due diligence person.

His face looked just like a turkey leg for a second there.

It wasn’t just me. All my employees started acting weird when I took away their free snacks and banned lunches. I tried to explain that staying hungry was what made Apple great. (They obviously haven’t read Isaacson’s ode to Steve’s life.)

Still, I’m starting to have doubts about this whole stay hungry thing.

Maybe Steve wasn’t talking about all successful people?

Does anyone else feel dizzy?

Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash

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