10 Cheap Micro-Adventures To Make the Rest of Summer Count

We may not be in school anymore, but like our younger selves, I think a lot of us still see summer as the time for adventure. Sadly, there are now only about 33 days left in the summer of 2018, but luckily there are hundreds of micro-adventurous ways to make these waning summer days count. Here are just a few you might try:

1. Hike – This is an obvious one, but so few people take advantage of all the trails around them. Hiking is the classic micro-adventure, and it will make you stronger and more capable while also bringing you face to face with the natural environment in your area of the world. Great trails are just a Google away.

2. Do yoga outdoors  You haven’t done yoga until you’ve done it in a big open grassy field with hundreds of people. My city of Atlanta has King of Pops yoga, but you can probably find free outdoor yoga in your area hosted by a local studio and/or sponsored by a yoga or outdoor brand.

3. Visit another faith/denomination – Go to visit a church, a synagogue, a mosque. Or go talk to some atheists! Religious and philosophical exploration and exposure can be uncomfortable, but they yield some of the best adventures.

4. Run a 5K – It’s wonderful to have something to train for, and a 5K is dead simple. Running is free, you can do it almost anywhere, and it will make you feel great. 5Ks themselves cost some money, but they’re great ways to meet people and have fun while pushing your body on to greatness.

5. Go dancing – Inexpensive dancing opportunities abound in cities, from swing and blues dancing (check to see if there are local dance associations) to salsa and club dancing.

6. Host a movie night  Sometimes adventures don’t have to go too far from home. Movie nights are a perfect opportunity to develop your food skills, your hosting skills, your interior decorating skills, and your taste in film. Use movie nights as opportunities to bring interesting people together, and don’t let an opportunity for good post-film conversation pass you by.

7. Try a new food experience – I recommend Korean BBQ. But check around your area: you might have Ethiopian food, Indian food, Vietnamese food, or French food close by.

8. Explore a library – If you love books, there’s nothing more rapturous than plunging into rows and stacks of them. Shun the public library and go instead to a local university library or a specialty private library. Worst case? Barnes and Noble is a great place to spend summer nights.

9. Walk (or run) on a beach or waterfront – Beaches and waterfronts are wonderful places for meditative walks or runs, or for deep conversations with walking partners. Go at night if you can, see the stars clearly, and look out to the horizon (if you happen to be on the ocean) to ponder the world’s bigness.

10. Go busking (or try karaoke!) – Play an instrument? Try performing on the street or in another (legal) public space with some foot traffic. If you’re shy, go at a quieter hour. If you’d rather only show your vocal skills to friends, try some low-pressure karaoke, either at a karaoke bar or in the comfort of your own home (all you need are YouTube karaoke tracks and some voice amplification).

Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash

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