The Importance of Teaching Manhood

Athletics, survival, fighting, cooking, building, dressing well, speaking well, expressing confident interest in women – these are all the skills which we expect from men. No matter what you say you believe, if you see a man who lacks competence in these areas, you will think less of him. But many boys don’t know that, because no one has told them.

These lessons can’t just come through osmosis. Modeling behavior is important, but it’s probably not enough for everyone. The assumption that boys will “figure it out” is clearly wrong. All you have to do is look around.

We young men of the 21st century are clueless. We dress poorly. We slouch. We atrophy. We fumble in sports, we fumble with women, and we fumble with our goals. We play parts, we channel our energies into fantasies, and we go along meekly.

Part of this may be because we live in a world increasingly devoid of fatherhood. A lot of men never knew their fathers. But so many present fathers assume they don’t need to teach the lessons of manhood. Maybe they are insecure about their own knowledge. Maybe they assume it sh

When fathers don’t teach about manners or clothings, their sons assume it doesn’t matter. When fathers don’t teach boys how to fight, they fight in video games. When fathers don’t talk about relationships, their sons learn about them from Disney. When fathers don’t talk about sex, their sons learn from the internet.

This is not good.

I am a believer in self-education. But I also have seen enough to know that some skills need teachers. Mature masculinity is one of those skills. If you hold any part of the skillset of a mature man, the world needs you to lay out your knowledge and your call to action for men in no uncertain terms. You’ll be doing the world a great favor.

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

James Walpole

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