How To Become a Time Traveler

Time travel is really quite easy. All it takes is noticing.

We’re each surrounded by portals connecting and blending our past and our present. On the streets of Charleston I walked tonight, gas street lamps and cobblestone streets live alongside Uber ridesharing.

Of course, these details are lost to those of us without knowledge of history. When I was attending an elementary school in the heart of downtown Charleston, those historical buildings and features were matters of course – not living reminders and connections to a significant past.


Opportunities for time travel are all around us. We must only become aware of the subtle nuances of each era and decade to see that each era and decade still lives on in our world in some small ways. We’ll begin to notice the Victorian architecture, the Spenserian poetry, the modernist art, and the swing music not just as oddities, but as messengers from the past.

We may even start to build other such portals ourselves – through antiques, decoration, building, renovating. As we use old things, enjoy old things, and make old things a part of our lives, we channel the power of the past through time into now. We do a vital service for the world.

Photo by Aron on Unsplash

James Walpole

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