Your Daily Life As a Training Montage: A Thought Exercise

What if your daily life was turned into a montage?

If you aren’t familiar with what a “montage” is, clearly you haven’t watched enough sports movies or karate movies. Familiarize yourself:

As Team America explains, montages are really convenient plot devices in movies that “show us the passage of time,” for a character seeking self-improvement. They “show a lot of things happing at once” while that character trains up, and ” with every shot. . . show a little improvement.”

See: every “Rocky” movie ever made, apparently:

Now, most of us aren’t using slabs of beef as punching bags or running through the cold streets of Philly like Stallone. But we all have things we do (or fail to do) every day.

What if you had to zoom out and put all of those activities (or all of those missed activities) into a montage of your life?

What you are doing on a daily basis is bringing you closer to some end. Do you know what that end is?

Watch your “training montage”. Is it an end you like? Is what you are doing every day bringing you closer or further away from being what you need to be in the world?

Rocky has to fight in the ring. But maybe you just want to teach people about the beauty of ancient cultures, or improve customer support experiences on the web, or make better dog daycares, or stop hurting people in your personal relationships. If you care about those things, it matters what you are doing (or not doing) on a regular basis.

I heard someone say (I think it was Jordan Peterson) that what you do every day *is* effectively your life. I think that’s right. Your daily behaviors are certainly training you for something. Do the things today that will make a montage worthy of the value of your life.

NOTE: After publishing this post, I had the weird feeling that I must seen this concept of daily-life-as-training-montage before. However, after scouring web and email, I can only find a few uses of the concept, and I can’t find any trace of it in things I’ve read or seen before.

It’s possible I’m just confused – after 340+ daily blog posts and many more posts/articles/podcasts/videos consumed, I can start to lose track of the origin of ideas. This particular one came to me on my morning drive, but if you have reason to think I am merely unconsciously repeating an idea I’ve seen expressed in your work (or someone else’s work) before, please let me know and I will credit you. Very little of what I have to say has never been thought before, but I want to make sure I’m adding some significant value to anything I remix in my content. 

Cover Image Credit: Rocky IV

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