7 Non-Obvious Tips for Vacationing Better

Traveling should be a great experience. But “needing a vacation” after finishing a vacation happens too much. I think this is because people don’t practice good personal care while out of town. Most people burn the candle at both ends, neglecting that their bodies are limited.

You want to go eyes wide open into your travel experience, with almost as much energy in you by the end. Here are some “rules” for travel that will help.

1. Hydrate

This is an essential which is easy to forget. At home, you’re probably used to filtered water. It’s not going to be available in most traveling situations, and often enough people turn to drinking a lot of alchohol on these trips. Dehydration can add up and leave you feeling badly before you realize the cause.

2. Unpack

You’ll feel worse and be messier (and therefore feel worse) if you live out of your bag for the duration of a trip. Unpack and sort your clothes as much as you can. You may even want to take your laundry out before you get home again. It’s a wonderful thing to have newly-clean clothes on a trip.

3. Get groceries

Your diet shouldn’t depend on the luck of the moment. Sure, have some adventures, but make sure that you’re getting a base diet of nutritious foods while you travel. The best way to do this is to make a quick grocery run. Get fruits, healthy snacks like raw nuts, and easy to prepare whole foods like bacon and eggs. Avoid processed foods – the whole point of a grocery run is to give you an alternative to bar food and fast food and the rest.

4. Get clean

It’s always a pain to figure out a new shower, but while keeping a consistent washing routine is harder (and less appealing) on a trip, it will keep you in better spirits.

5. Walk around

Do normal things like walking around the neighborhood in which you’re staying will acclimate you to your surroundings and give you a good sense of the life around you.

6. Exercise.

Do something to push yourself forward while you’re traveling. At least try an activity (like walking) that warms up your muscles for a long day ahead, or (like yoga) that stretches your muscles to improve general wellbeing. This is easy for travelers to j

7. Talk to strangers

Engage with locals, who will most often be strangers. Compliment people on their lawncare. Take people’s picture for them (if they want it). Talk to your Lyft/Uber drivers (I had one in Nashville this week who played with a cool musician who played on an album I enjoyed). Be open to serendipity by being open to the people around you. You’re in a new city now, and you can afford to be a new (and better) person.


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