Take the Truth Seriously and Your Ideas About Truth Lightly

Take the truth seriously. Take your efforts to reach the truth seriously.

Just don’t take your ideas about the truth too seriously – too seriously to give them up when something better comes along.

Have strong opinions, but hold them weakly. 

You cannot have one – strong opinions and a strong desire for truth – without the other – complete willingness to abandon your ideas about what the truth consists of, even if it makes you look stupid or half-hearted or inconstant.

Taking the truth and your ideas about the truth equally seriously will turn you into a rage-filled dogmatist.

Taking neither the truth nor your ideas seriously will turn you into a jaded nihilist.

Taking your ideas but not the truth seriously is reserved for a few special baddies of history. 

Taking your ideas lightly but the truth seriously will get you further down the road to truth than anyone else. And since you’ll never reach a full grasp of *THE WAY THINGS REALLY ARE*, your fulfillment will have to come from the process of aligning yourself with the truth. It’s very satisfying. But the way closer to truth entirely consists of taking your incorrect and incomplete ideas behind the barn and shooting them Old Yeller-style.

This is normal and good. “Truth” is “that which is,” and as such it is necessarily ultimate value for anyone seeking values. Your ideas are not the ultimate value. If they were, you would not be interested in truth in the first place.

By virtue of the game you’re playing should be comparing your concepts to the ultimate truth and constantly finding shortcomings.

It’s worth it. And surprisingly, you’ll find that if you’re willing to let ideas die, some of them might get resurrected in ways you couldn’t possibly have imagined.

Truth is weird, man.

“For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.”

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