My Photos Are Now On Unsplash!

I may be new to photography, but I’ve not been slow in getting my work out to a world in desperate need of non-terrible stock photos. That’s why I’m now a contributor over at Unsplash, everyone’s favorite source for Creative Commons Zero-licensed – do anything you want, no attribution required – photography.

The whole concept of Unsplash great. They’re forwarding a world without copyright, giving photographers a platform for showcasing their work, and beautifying the work we web content creators put out. I’m glad to be giving back to a site that has given my marketing and writing work so many gorgeous illustrations.

Right now a lot of my photos are nature-focused, but hey – it’s spring. As I get better, I’ll be looking to branch out into people shots and learning the editing skills I’ll need to match some of Unsplash’s true pros.

Download my photos! Use them for things!


Here are a few of the photos you can download there (or here – no rules, mate).

James Walpole

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