Use Your Chore Time for Quality Time

The other night me and my roommate (who hardly see each other most days) were sitting in the living room doing our chores. He was stringing some lacrosse stick heads, I was writing and journaling for the day. While we did our mundane tasks, we got to talking.

We talked about work, and ambitions, laughed heartily at some of the stupidities of the corporate world, and watched bits of Office Space on YouTube. It wasn’t much, but it was some of the best time we’ve had since becoming roommates.

We were doing mundane stuff. We ordinarily would have done these things alone. But doing them in the same room (and without the distraction of a TV) made it quality time.

Chore time has often been social throughout history: the ladies go down to the river to wash their clothes, or out to the well to get water. Or maybe the men would harvest crops together or gather together to talk on visits to the market. We can find modern analogues: drinking coffee while doing taxes (on your own laptops, of course), doing meal prep for the week, or dropping off your cars for repairs – at the same time – and then chatting while waiting.

If it seems like it’s harder and harder to find quality time these days, you might think about using chore time.

James Walpole

James Walpole is a writer, startup marketer, and perpetual apprentice. You're reading his blog right now, and he really appreciates it. Don't let it go to his head, though.

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