Want an Interesting Life? Practice Self-Reinvention Early

I would like to do many things in the short life ahead of me (and particularly in my 20s): work in nature, perhaps work on a ranch, start a business (or businesses), travel, etc.

Some of my ambitions are closer to my current inclinations, like starting another podcast (been there, done that, to some extent). Others are further outside of my wheelhouse, like learning the ropes of construction work or some other blue-collar outdoor work.

It occurred to me this morning that the only way to achieve all of this is to be really good at self-reinvention. It occurred to me also that there is probably no more important skill for a young person starting out life (though much can be said for the value of self-reinvention at any age).

I’ve gone through some kind of self-reinvention at most times in the five most growth-filled years of my life. I’ve become a relatively technically-savvy person after years spent in ignorance of computers. I’ve gone from being a shy person to being comfortably outgoing. I’ve gone from being an intellectual to being a person of action. I’ve gone through several phases of religious faith and lack of religious faith. I’ve become an avid runner and fitness dude after a life of bad diet and poor exercise habits.

In all of these cases, I could have let myself believe that I couldn’t change. I could have assumed my character was static. But I didn’t. And I proved to myself that I could change given desire, thought, and work.

Those past self-reinventions give me faith in my future self-reinventions. And faith in my ability to reinvent myself will be everything in the next decade and in the rest of my life.

If you can choose to develop any meta-skill, consider self-reinvention. And if you have plans for a big shift in your life trajectory, start practicing self-reinvention now (even if you just do it in small ways). If you can prove to yourself that you can *be* in a way you never expected to be, you’ll be better prepared to transform in bigger ways.

Photo by Septian simon on Unsplash

James Walpole

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