It’s April, and I Still Have a Christmas Tree. Here’s Why

Why do I still have a Christmas tree (albeit a miniature one) in my bedroom?

At first, the answer was the obvious one: I was too lazy to take it to one of the proper disposal centers. And so I moved it out of our common area and into my bedroom – temporarily, I thought.

But my little Christmas tree found a more permanent home in my living space right by my desk. And it’s still there now that spring temperatures have come.


Stripped of all lights and gaudy Christmas decorations, a spruce tree is just a spruce tree. But spruce trees happen to be beautiful, resilient, and (sometimes) aromatic. Paired with my (fake) “woodburning stove”, my books, candles, my deer, my little spruce tree has made my room cozy throughout the winter.

If having a plant in a room helps to make the space more natural and human, having a tree certainly does. I’ve infected my room with a little bit of forest, and there’s a rustic mountain air to my room that would be missing otherwise.

As a houseplant it has been remarkably easy to maintain, only needing watering once every few weeks. Even now, after not getting water for months, the thing is holding on to most of its needles.

For an investment of something like $35 at a Whole Foods grocery store, I’ve gotten the best little plant. Now that it’s April, it’s probably time for this evergreen to move on out, but for the winter months it’s been a welcome companion. Pause before you toss your next Christmas tree – maybe it has enough life to be a winter tree instead.


Photo by Daniel Tomlinson on Unsplash

James Walpole

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