A Running List of All the Important Things School Keeps You From Learning


They don’t teach that in schools…

There’s something you won’t learn in school…

We’ve all said this about one skill or fact or another that we felt school didn’t give us. But have you ever really considered just how many important life skills or truths you didn’t get in the classroom?

Enter my running list of everything school prevented you from learning.

That’s right – prevented. While it’s true that school fails to teach a plethora of essential things, through stealing ten hours a day from those ages five to twenty-two, it also prevents young people from learning what matters.

You can approach this list two ways. First, this list can be here to make you angry at the schooling system. If so, excellent.

Secondly, you can approach this as a remedial self-education to-do list. These are all the things you, your kids, or your young school-age friends and relatives aren’t learning that you’ll all need to know at some point (with few exceptions). Maybe now you can help them get the real education they need.

Let me know what I’m missing! Send me a comment below.

  1. How to make a fire.
  2. How to put out a fire.
  3. How to gather edible food.
  4. How to hunt.
  5. How to defend yourself and others.
  6. How to make a product.
  7. How to sell a product.
  8. How to manage people.
  9. How to manage stress.
  10. How to build healthy habits.
  11. How to negotiate.
  12. How to pitch.
  13. How to live with a roommate.
  14. How to invest.
  15. How to write (things that people actually want to read).
  16. How to help a homeless person.
  17. How to administer first aid.
  18. How to administer CPR.
  19. How to raise legal proceedings.
  20. How to relate to medical professionals.
  21. How to dance.
  22. How to think logically.
  23. How to meditate/pray.
  24. How to deal with dreams.
  25. How to deal with guilt.
  26. How to deal with shame.
  27. How to host a dinner.
  28. How to host a guest.
  29. How to wash clothes.
  30. How to wash dishes.
  31. How to cook.
  32. How to grow food.
  33. How to identify common plant and animal life.
  34. How to read a map.
  35. How to book travel plans.
  36. How to rent an apartment.
  37. How to buy a car.
  38. How to get health insurance.
  39. How to set up and manage a bank account.
  40. How to apply for a job.
  41. How to interview for a job.
  42. How to establish multiple streams of income.
  43. How to use a smartphone.
  44. How to use a computer.
  45. How to practice computer/information security.
  46. How to interact with the government.
  47. How to pay taxes.
  48. How to pay bills.
  49. How to build budgets.
  50. How to clean a home.
  51. How to behave in a meeting.
  52. How to use email properly.
  53. How to build a personal reputation online.
  54. How to find good job opportunities.
  55. How to drive a car.
  56. How to sail or row a boat.
  57. How to jump-start a car battery.
  58. How to change a tire.
  59. How to respond to a traffic accident.
  60. How to be religious.
  61. How not to be religious.
  62. How to think about philosophy.
  63. How to kiss someone.
  64. How to flirt with someone.
  65. How to invite someone on a date.
  66. How to have sex properly.
  67. How to take care of young children.
  68. How to take care of your parents.
  69. How to age well.
  70. How to shop for a house
  71. How to apply for a mortgage
  72. How to handle conflict with your significant other
  73. How to communicate with your significant other
  74. How to give birth
  75. How to raise an infant (and no, that robot baby in home ec doesn’t count)
  76. How to make intriguing videos
  77. How to manage your time/balance family, work, development, and fun
    1. Lines 66-73 contributed by the great Mary Kate Crockett

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